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MENA is British limited company dedicated to providing providing goods and services to Middle Eastern and North African countries. As well as ensuring quality and added value we value and truly appreciate the cultures and beliefs of the region. MENA services are also aimed at ensuring the transfer of relevant technology and provision of necessary training of personnel to ensure proper future development of personnel and becoming self reliant for repairs and scheduled maintenance of plants and equipment.

We adopt a philosophy of partnering and strategic cooperation with the most suitable enterprises that best serve the MENA area. Strategic cooperation with our clients is also equally important to us. We will always drive to create close business relations with our clients to understand their exact technical and financial requirement to ensure that the correct solutions are delivered cost effectively and within time scales and on budget. This is our best guarantee of success and enjoying healthy business growth in the future.

MENA Ltd HQ are located in the UK but effectively run from several locations in the MENA area. We are currently located in:

Egypt, , Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, UAE and Yemen